clover character portait.png

Clover - Dryad- they/them

Clover's a dandelion, and not 100% sure what to do with that. They like talking to plants and don't really like talking to people.

Favorite Flavor: That weird artificial grape in slushies - it's so wrong, but it's so right, you know?

Won't: wear shoes if they can help it. Shoes are dumb. Like why would you even want that?

sam portrait.png

Sam - Human-folk (probably) - she/her

Sam's sleep/wake cycle baffles medical science, but it means she's going to finish her master's degree program in Applied Arcana a year early. She swears it's all going to be worth it someday.

Favorite Flavor: Peanut sauce (from the sandwich shop by her apartment that also has really great noodles)

Won't: cut back her course load. Does she look like a quitter to you?

agnes portrait.png

Agnes - Demon of Sen Sesilia- she/her

Agnes is a big ol' demon blacksmith (6'8" tall, plus antlers) and the proud proprietor of St. Agnes Auto Repair. She likes hitting things with hammers and swearing. She gives amazing hugs.

Favorite flavor: Slightly burnt barbecue

Won't: stop eating eggshells, no matter how many times people tell her it’s weird.

darryl character portrait.png

Darryl - Wild-folk (werewolf) - he/him

Darryl’s a lone (and very territorial) werewolf. He would describe his occupation as “Producer” and also would not clarify that statement. If you don’t watch that half of your sandwich he’s gonna steal it.

Favorite flavor: Store-brand ketchup

Won’t: stop leaving other people’s half-eaten sandwiches in his car whenever he drops it off at the garage for repairs.